The Right Equipment & The Right Paint for Your Parking Lot Surface

Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC professionally machine-stripes your parking lot or street with the appropriate substrate based on the surface to be line-striped. For freshly-sealcoated surfaces, we apply a high-density, heavy-wear latex paint. For unsealed or freshly-paved surfaces, we apply an acetone/oil based paint that withstands heavy use.

You can even reflect your brand’s colors in the color(s) you choose for line striping. Or designate employee parking with differently-colored line stripes than customer parking. Just ask us, and we will be glad to discuss our experience in supporting our customers’ branding-colors, and your options for professionally personalizing your parking lot.

Between the Lines: Comfort, Compliance, and Confidence

9 to 10 feet apart is recommended for line spacing between standard parking spaces, to ensure optimal customer comfort and safety. However, there are important rules for line striping and spacing of handicapped parking spaces. Curb Appeal is familiar with the regulations, and can ensure that your property is up to code. For example, a 16-feet width is required for handicapped van parking spaces, as the van needs ramp-clearance in a designated area of caution on the right.

Beyond Line Striping:

A Variety of Templates for Every Symbol You Need

Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC has a wide variety of templates for everything your parking lot needs to comply with standards and codes, and to provide your customers and employees with a safe, secure experience. Beyond line striping for parking spaces and crosswalks, we also own a wide variety of templates to create symbols, numbers, and signage in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Examples include No Parking templates, handicapped symbols, arrows, numbers, and more.

Cement or Rubber Ballards and Bumper Stoppers/Speed Bumps

Curb Appeal Asphalt Services installs cement or rubber safety ballards to protect your commercial property.

Common examples of ballard-installation with rubber or cement stoppers include:

  • Cement posts around gas storage tanks
  • In front of commercial facades
  • Around signage

The Curb Appeal team also supplies and installs metal signs such as Handicap, No Parking, Speed Bump, and more.

Did You Know?

You can be fined if your parking lot is not compliant with rules regarding line striping and spacing of handicap spaces, crosswalks, and more. Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC will create an attractive, safe, compliant parking lot with the proper line striping and symbols you need to support your customers and your brand