Curbing is another key component of your parking lot. Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC knows the rules and regulations surrounding the installation of curbing and curb cuts, and we work to ensure that every parking lot curb we install meets the regulations and functions properly.

The two most common types of curbing that the Curb Appeal Asphalt services team installs are:

  • Cape Cod Style (45-degree angle curbing)
  • Standard (6-inch high curbing)

New Asphalt Curbing or Repair of Damaged Curbing

From simple machine-installed new asphalt curbing to repair of damaged curbing, the Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC team uses high-quality hot asphalt material to ensure that your curbing stands up to consistent use.

Coat Your Curb – For Safety and Appeal

Our team will also perform professional painting of your curb, to ensure the safety of anyone stepping onto the curb, as well as aesthetic appeal in framing your parking lot or any asphalt surface.