Protect Your Driveway Investment with Effective Repair or Renovation

It’s important to protect your driveway investment – and preserve the safety and attractiveness of your property – with swift, effective action whenever driveway repairs are required.

Common Issues that Require Repair

In our seasonal climate, it’s inevitable that your driveway will require repair. Some of the most common driveway issues that our Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC team repairs for clients include:

  • Areas affected by frost heaves
  • Deteriorated old or failed asphalt patching
  • Broken or failed edges
  • Potholes

A Proven Process for Driveway Repair

The Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC team properly prepares each affected area and uses the appropriate method of repair.

For example, frost heaves are typically caused by a rock emerging through the surface. The Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC team identifies the damaged areas of asphalt and rock, removes them via sawcutting, and applies hot asphalt to achieve a solid, long-lasting driveway repair.

Hot Rubber Crack Repair

As need, our team prepares deteriorated areas and cleans out any dirt, debris, and vegetation from cracks. We then seal the cracks with hot rubber, and dust with Black Beauty™ sand to prevent tackiness and to cure the rubber. This is followed by a sealcoat covering to ensure that water does not infiltrate the repaired area.

Simple Repair or Complete Renovation… We’ve Got You (Properly) Covered

From issues ranging from common driveway repairs to a complete driveway renovation, you can trust our team at Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC to listen to your concerns, and treat your driveway as though it is our own. After all, we pride ourselves on being a ‘good neighbor’ and earning your referral as another very satisfied customer.

Call us today, and let’s discuss the details of your driveway repair or renovation project! We provide free estimates, and look forward to being your trusted partner in achieving curb appeal for your driveway and property.