A Solid Foundation

Your newly-paved driveway is an important investment, as it literally lays the foundation for many years of safe, reliable, worry-free use of your driveway. That’s why it’s important to choose a team that understands and performs proper installation, using quality professional products and the right equipment for your project.

The Curb Appeal Asphalt Services, LLC team knows – and meticulously does – what it takes to properly prepare your driveway for paving. Each property is unique, and there are more considerations involved than we could possibly list! We are experts at efficiently and effectively ‘prescribing’ the paving work your driveway needs in order to provide you with a proper foundation for years of safety, reliability, and curb appeal for your home.

An average paved driveway can last 15-20 years, depending on the condition of the surface below it. Let’s discuss your driveway’s unique needs when you contact us.

Communication is Key

Communication begins when you contact us to discuss your project, and continues as we address your concerns, offer suggestions based on our experience, and then provide you with a free estimate. Upon your approval, we schedule the project, arrive at a mutually convenient time, and complete your driveway paving project with quality materials and workmanship.

On the occasions when Mother Nature gives us weather conditions not suitable for paving, we communicate with you, so you always know the status of your project. In short, we treat you as we like to be treated, and we consider your driveway as though it was our own.

About Asphalt

Ideal for New England’s seasonal weather conditions, asphalt is a weather-resistant material has many benefits. It’s affordable, durable, safe, recyclable, reliable, and is flexible enough to be designed for many uses.